Ludo Bourdon of World of Worms in Kelowna, BC

Another way I am working to make an impact on this planet is through permaculture, specificly as the driving force behind Abundant by Nature Permaculture.

As a former urban farmer who used natural growing methods, I became inspired when I took an introductory permaculture course with Element Eco-Design in Vernon, B.C. When I saw how permaculture made a connection between all of the elements I worked with in my farming and composting business, World of Worms, I began to dream big about the possibilities.

I realized that small-scale farming demanded hard work but provided minimal societal and ecological impact. After completing a Permaculture Design Certificate with Verge Permaculture in Nelson, B.C., I participated in a permaculture project in Burkina Faso. Seeing the difference that permaculture could make in an extremely impoverished region, I found my niche in the permaculture world and became committed to furthering my training and taking part in as many aid projects as I could.

I completed Geoff Lawton’s online Permaculture Design Certificate, completed an advanced practicum with Verge Permaculture in Invermere, B.C., helped install a food forest with Element Eco-Design, and went to Kenya and Uganda with Seven Ravens Permaculture Academy.

I am passionate about presenting permaculture in a way that is accessible and practical, and take great joy in helping empower communities to develop greater resilience.

With that in mind, I founded Abundant by Nature Permaculture in order to raise funds to support upcoming permaculture projects. Financial support buys seeds, trees, tools, fencing supplies and everything else that is needed to establish and maintain projects. I am greatly supported by my wife, Tammie Brooks, who shares my passion for making a difference in the lives of others, and together we plan to impact as many people and as many communities as we can.

Please check out our website and our facebook page to learn more.

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World of Worms proceeds go towards projects by Abundant by Nature Permaculture in Africa

Hi there,

My name is Ludo.

I was first introduced to worm composting in 2000, while living in an apartment. My first system was built with plywood and things did not go so well!  Since then, my interest in worms and composting in general has grown and I have learned a lot.  It’s amazing what can happen in a 16 x 16 inch box!

My goal with this site is to help you get off to a great start with your own worm composting system and help you to avoid all of the difficulties that I had.

In a few words, composting is good for the planet. I want to do my part by helping people reduce their carbon foot print right where they live. If I can help you make this planet a little greener by reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill and by recreating great quality top soil for your garden… then I will have reached my goal.


  • world of Worms proceeds go towards funding for projects in Africa
  • Abundance by Nature Permaculture project in Africa
  • Ludo working on Abundance by Nature Permaculture project in Africa
  • abundant-zanzibar